One moment Meditation

A nice short meditation, practical and easy. Just follow this link

Sangha Metta

Vipassana retreat center Sangha Metta

Practicing Awareness in daily life

The real practice of awareness is in practicing awareness in daily life. Just add awareness to whatever you are doing in daily life. And start playing with awareness. Donít take it too seriously. Awareness in itself is neutral and non-judgmentally. Just pay attention to whatever is coming to your awareness. You become aware of something by bringing your attention to it. As soon as it is there you can only accept it as it is. It is already there, just as it is. In accepting it as it is, an opportunity for change will appear. So start with whatever comes spontaneously to your awareness, let it be a thought or a feeling. Just observe it entering your awareness. Simultaneously bring your attention to a neutral process in your body. You can take the movement of your breath in your body. You can feel this movement in your nostrils, your chest or belly. It doesnít matter where you focus your attention while breathing. Just let the movement of your breathing go as it goes. You donít need to improve this movement in any way. Your body knows how to breathe. While observing the neutral movement of the breathing you develop a neutral stance. It is in this neutral stance you become more aware and are more open for the beneficial changes awareness has reserved for you. Something is entering your awareness and is seeking your attention. Now just keep on observingÖÖÖÖ.and an opportunity for change will occur.

Morning Kundalini meditation

Join me on my spacey morning Kundalini meditation and benefit more joy and vitality. It's free and only takes time. Kundalini energy is available for us all. Start with focusing your attention on the movement of the breath in your body. Then when your focus is there, bring your attention to your head and follow your body downwards till you have reached your feet. Do this at your own speed, gently and focused. Then bring your attention to the space around your body. Your mind will step back. The mind has no clue of the space around your body. So donít try to visualize that space, just bring your attention to that space and experience what there is to be experienced. Some of you will experience an energy floating through your body. A vibrational sensation starting in your bottom and raising to your head. And some of you will experience a shaking of your body starting at your legs and spread throughout your body. For me, indeed my body starts to vibrate just after a short time of focusing on the space around my body. Kundalini energy is rising and reaching for the top of my head and beyond that. When this happens I bring an intention to this field of energy, to this quantum field. When the intention is there I receive the result of my intention in the here and now and experience gratitude and joy. I practice this simple meditation for a while now and indeed am enjoying more vitality and health.